Semtube is a prototype for Semantic YouTube Video Annotation based on Pundit.

Video from YouTube can be loaded in SemTube page both copying their URL in an textbox input as well as using a special bookmark that can be dragged on the browser favorites. Clicking this bookmark while watching a video on YouTube redirects to SemTube page automatically loading the video.

Annotations can be provided both for the whole video and for video fragments, both temporal and spatial, in three different modalities. Textual comments in natural language can be inserted using a dedicated text area. Semantic Tags can be added using FreeBase. In this way, tags belong to a controlled vocabulary, providing a brief description, a label and a type according to FreeBase schema, and point to Linked Data resources that have their unambiguous representation on the Web. This allows users to disambiguate between concept that are synonymies. Users can create complete RDF statements by specifying subject, predicate and object and using drag&drop to create the triples. Entities from Freebase and pluggable ontologies and vocabularies to be used as subject or object of the annotations and predicates belonging to chosen domain ontologies, which are configurable.

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