Project and Tools

Research and development that involved Semedia in the last years.


SemLib is a european project funded under the Research for SMEs grant. Within SemLib, Semedia is developing a novel Semantic Web annotation tool called Pundit.

Status: active


A tool for semantic, collaborative annotation of web pages ingeneral and Digital Libraries in particular.. The first version is called Philospace. It has been developed within the Discovery EU project and is targeted to scholars in Philosophy.

Status: active


A ruby on rails based framework for creating and customizing Semantic Digital Libraries.

Status: active


A collaborative effort, carried on by industry with Semedia partecipation and consulence, to develop a suite of Open Source applications for creating and managing Semantic Digital Libraries. SWickyNotes and Talia are now developed within the Muruca project.

Status: active

Semantic Web Pipes (DERI pipes)

A tool for semantic web aware data mash-up. By means of an intuitive web based GUI, it allows to compose flows of information, aggregating data from a variety of sources, and to define a series trasformation and composition rules to provide a uniform and usable data output. The project is leaded by DERI Ireland.

Status: active


An e-ContentPlus EU funded project, ended in November 2008, in the field of digital humanities.

Status: ended


A "Userspace" Semantic Web P2P application. DBin allows the creation of semantic web p2p communities about basically any possible topic.

Status: supported

MPEG7 Audio DB 

A library to handle MPEG7 audio metadata, expecially geared to the integration with SW technologies 

Status: halted


This API gives a way to attach "context" information to pieces of an RDF model by adding triples to the model itself. This is similar to reification but at a different, coarser, level. Includes an utility for synchronizing RDF files (RdfSync). 

Status: supported 


We cooperated with Holger Crysandt (Aachen University) to create MPEG-7 metadata extractor which almost covers the full audio specifications 

Status: supported 

RDF Textual Encoding 

A proposed RDF based textual encoding methodology supporting needs in computational linguistics. 

Status: supported


A combination of Java and JS that will enhance any existing web application allowing users to view and insert advanced content (images, audio, diagrams etc..). Easy to install and compatible with any of the new generation browsers. 

Status: halted

The DODA ontology

An ontology for the Description Of Data Access 

Status: halted


Other projects include the 2005 Summer Of Code Projects and on the DBin Homepage (Java Simple messaging API, RDFContextTools, etc)